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What is an end of lease cleaner?

We offer an efficient and affordable bond cleaning service, also known as an end of lease clean, to make sure that you receive your full bond back from your real estate agent.

At the beginning of a lease or rental, tenants are charged a bond, like a security deposit, to cover any damages or costs that may occur during your lease.

This bond includes the cost of cleaning services if the property is not left in pristine condition at the end of lease. Getting expert cleaners, like us, to do an end of lease clean is the best way to ensure the real estate agent does not charge you for cleaning services out of your bond when you leave.

End of lease cleaners know what the real estate agent is looking for, and can move through your home or office cleaning quickly with the best products to ensure you get your full bond back.


Take the stress out of moving

Moving out is very stressful with so many things to plan and to do.

It’s more than packing things, shoving them inside a truck and unloading them in the new place.

On top of all of that, you also need to make sure that you’re leaving your old place clean and organized to get your bond money back.

This is where our Clean Australia Services in Sydney can come into play to help and guarantee your bond back.

By trusting us to do your end of lease cleaning, our bond back guarantee can give you the confidence in our cleaning services and relieve a major burden of stress in the moving process.

Bond Cleaning Sydney: Bond Back Guarantee


Our bond back guarantee means that you do not have to worry about being called back to the property after the final inspection for cleaning, or charged a cleaning fee out of your bond.

The bond back guarantee means that we take full responsibility of the cleaning and work with the real estate agents to make sure they are happy with the cleaning and you get your full bond returned. This is one of the biggest benefits of a bond cleaning and end of lease cleaning service.

If the real estate agent thinks something has not been cleaned correctly, they contact us and we come out within 72 hours to ensure the job is completed.


Move out Cleaning has Never been Easier

Our professional moving out or end of lease cleaning is flexible and designed at a personalized level to meet individual client’s needs, easing the transition process.

Whether you want to clean the entire property or you need to do just a few rooms, we can have you covered.

Our cleaners are experienced and know exactly what products, tools and techniques can get your property looking brand new again. This makes them a lot quicker and more efficient than trying to do the lease cleaning yourself would be.

Our cleaning services in Sydney take the pressure off you worrying about the cleaning of the home and lets you focus on the new home or property you are moving into.


End of lease cleaning that suits your home

We can tailor our end of lease cleaning services to suit whatever you need.

Most of the time the easiest solution is to have our team of cleaners come in after everything has been moved out of the home and to take over the entire cleaning process.

Some people, however, may not want or need everything to be cleaned for them, in which case we can tailor an end of lease cleaning package for that particular home or job.

Whether it’s a kitchen and bathroom job, a window cleaning job, or an entire bond back guarantee cleaners end of lease service, we are the best company for cleaning in Sydney.

What our end of lease cleaning services in Sydney includes:

Our end of lease cleaning service in Sydney can cover every element of cleaning necessary for every job or home to ensure the bond is returned in full. Our cleaning service includes things like:

  • Vacuuming and sweeping all the floors while maintaining without any damage.
  • Removing cobwebs from corner and ceilings thoroughly.
  • Wiping down walls, glass and mirrors.
  • Mold and algae treatment as part of move out cleaning
  • Deep carpet vacuuming with steam cleaning.
  • Lights and switchboard wiping.
  • Complete kitchen cleaning with floors, cupboard and range hoods.
  • Cleaning sinks and countertops.
  • Sweeping and disinfecting toilets.
  • Pressure cleaning driveways.
  • General dusting and rubbish removal.

Competitive Pricing

Our aim to take the stress out of moving is more than just about taking the pressure of the workload off. We know that moving house can be expensive, and adding a cleaning service on top can sometimes blow the budget.

This is why we provide a competitive pricing structure for every job, to make sure you get the best value for money with our cleaning service, taking the pressure off BOTH your time and finances.

Our cleaners are also experts at what they do, so you can know that they will work quickly, efficiently, and leave you with a high quality result, guaranteeing your bond back at the end of the job.

Additional Services

One of the things that make us the optimum choice for bond cleaners in Sydney is our wide range of services.

While we are the experts at bond cleaning, we also have a wide range of other services we can offer including carpet cleaning and window cleaning.

This saves you looking for multiple services and means you get the quality and efficiency of having someone to take care of everything for you. That is one of the many things that make us your all-in-one solution for your moving out and bond cleaning needs.

Eco - friendly Products

We are proud to use eco - friendly products on all of our Clean Australia Services jobs.

We recognize that the earth and environment around us needs to be protected and that the harsh chemicals that are often used by cleaners can wreak havoc on the environment.

We take our responsibility to the environment seriously, down to the very products we use to clean with, which is why we make a conscious effort to use eco - friendly products on our jobs.

Bond Cleaning FAQs

The Clean Australia Service's Sydney Cleaners

Our cleaners are experts at what they do, working quickly and efficiently on every job. All our cleaners are reliable and experienced, having worked on numerous bond cleaning, office cleaning and professional cleaning jobs before.

If you haven't had a great experience with cleaners in the past, you can rest assured that our cleaners treat every job with the utmost professionalism and care. Whether it is a small, one off bond cleaning home job, or a recurring office cleaning job, our team of cleaners will provide you with professional and friendly service, leaving you with a great result at the end.

Your Trusted Sydney Cleaner: End of Lease

We are among the best companies for cleaning in Sydney, as you can see in our long list of experience and recommendations. We have been cleaning in Sydney for over 10 years so you can trust that our cleaners know what they are doing when it comes to your home or job.

Our client testimonials speak for themselves, with our years of experience cleaning Sydney homes and offices leaving many people extremely happy. If you need a bond cleaning service then contact us - the number one bond cleaning Sydney team.

Leave the hard work to us!

Our move out cleaning team is very qualified and well trained. We know how to make things work even in the most stressful situations like moving out. We use high end cleaning equipment and techniques to ensure better, faster and more effective cleaning. Our products are of high quality and eco-friendly.

Do you have plans for moving out anytime soon? Want to talk to the expert cleaners? Feel free to talk to us at- 1300 034 788 or mail us at You can also check our Google reviews and Facebook reviews to make sure that we are the best move out cleaning service provider in Sydney.

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