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House cleaning services in Sydney

Regular house cleaning is an essential service to maintain a clean house.

We all know that a clean house is always the best house. But do we all have time to do it on our own?

Most people would love to, but don't have the time to do so; at least, not always.

We understand that you are busy and sometimes don't have the time to clean your place. Yet, no one wants to live in an untidy house.

This is where Clean Australia Service comes into play.

We offer weekly and fortnightly house cleaning services based on your specific needs.


You can check what our customers say about our services. It is not us who say that we are the best cleaning service in Sydney, but our customers do.

Our expert cleaning work often results in us getting a regular cleaning contract after we do a move out cleaning or an end of lease cleaning because the client has experienced how quick and excellent our cleaners are.

Come Back to a Clean home; Every day.

You always want to step into a clean house. Our regular house cleaning experts do exactly that for you. We attend to details and don't leave anything unclean.

We work hard to make our clients happy. This is evident in all the clients that highly recommend our cleaning services. That, and our ten years of experience cleaning Sydney homes, goes to show that we provide the best cleaning services Sydney has to offer.

Sydney home cleaning tailored to your needs

We know that every home and every cleaning job is different. Some people need professional cleaners to take care of all their regular weekly cleaning, and others just need a cleaners services fortnightly or monthly to do the deep cleaning jobs that they don't get time to do. As the number one cleaners in Sydney, part of our quality comes from our friendly customer service and how we tailor your cleaner service to suit your specific home needs.

What we can clean in your Sydney home:

When you hire cleaners like our Clean Australia Service, you’re assured of having all your cleaning needs covered. Thanks to our hard working cleaners, and a wide range of high quality equipment, we definitely do a quality clean job every time.

Some of the things we clean for Sydney homes include:

  • Mopping and vacuuming hard floors in kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and living areas
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning (steam and deep cleaning)
  • Dusting and cleaning surface, kitchen counter tops, cabinets, range hood and appliances
  • Removing cobwebs as part of regular house cleaning
  • Dusting, wiping down mirrors, window glass, window sills (we can clean even the hard to reach windows and areas)
  • Removing bin liners and rubbish
  • Scrub and washout toilet interior and exterior

Sydney Home Cleaners Service FAQs

Competitive pricing & budget options

We have a competitive pricing structure designed to make your home cleaning affordable.

We know that having a cleaner can be considered a luxury or unnecessary cost, but the speed and experience of our cleaners will save you time that is also valuable.

We can also tailor packages to suit your particular needs and budget. Sometimes people can't afford to have a full house clean every week, but a once a month clean helps to keep the home running, or a smaller kitchen, bathroom, or laundry package helps to take the pressure off.

Whatever your budget is, contact us today to find out what we can do to help support your cleaning needs.

Additional Services

One of the things that makes us the optimum choice for house cleaners in Sydney is our wide range of service options. While we are the experts at home cleaning, we also have a wide range of other solutions we can offer including carpet and window cleaning.

This saves you looking for multiple services and means you get the quality and efficiency of having someone to take care of everything for you. That is one of the many things that makes us your best all-in-one cleaner solution in Sydney.

Eco - friendly cleaning products

We are proud to use eco - friendly products on all of our Clean Australia Services jobs.

We recognize that the earth and environment around us needs to be protected and that the harsh chemicals that are often used by cleaners can wreak havoc on the environment.

We take our responsibility to the environment seriously, down to the very products we use to clean with, which is why we make a conscious effort to use eco - friendly products on our jobs. Using eco - friendly products also ensures that your home and family aren't being exposed to toxic and harmful products that some cleaners often use.

We are committed to protecting you, your home, your family AND the environment by using eco - friendly solutions.

We are the right cleaners for your Sydney home

Since we do all the work, you can relax. We love doing a regular house clean, saving our clients time and making them happy. When you leave your cleaning struggles to us, we clean to perfection.

We have skilled and trained staff that are both friendly and professional. We have state of the art equipment and eco - friendly products that we provide. We also happen to have one of the best customer reviews. Our customer reviews on Google and Facebook are the proof for our professional service that leaves so many Sydney families happy.

Other than the regular house cleaning, we also provide commercial cleaning. To know more about our service, please feel free to call us at - 1300 034 788.

You can also submit an online request below and our friendly team will give you a call to discuss the options we can provide. We can visit your office space, inspect and provide a free quotation on the cleaning service that suits your specific needs.

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