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Why should I hire tile and grout cleaning in Sydney?

Tiles often discolour over time with age. No matter how often you clean them, staining and discolouration will eventually affect your tiles.

That's why it's a great idea over the lifetime of your bathroom or kitchen tiles to hire a professional cleaning service who can restore the life and vitality of your tiles and grout.

Don't break your back scrubbing for hours over your floors and walls. You may want to do it yourself, but often there are some stains that simply won't lift from the usual cleaning methods you would use at home.


If you notice that your tiles have become tired, dull and listless, it may be the perfect time to think about hiring professional tile and grout cleaners to help you! You'll find that these services improve the life, shine and colour of your tiles, bringing them back to their former glory.

Hiring Sydney tile cleaners to get the job done for you means that you will save plenty of time and effort, as services like ours have all the right cleaning agents and tools.

We can cover large areas that are simply too much for one person to try to do on their own, and cleaning grout lines is a breeze for our industrial level cleaning techniques and products. If you are looking for cleaning Sydney area, contact Clean Australia Service to get the tile cleaning job done for you.

Fixing Stained and damaged tiles & grout

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There are several factors that can have an effect on the discolouration of your tiles. High traffic floor areas, especially if you have pets or children coming through, will see the most significant fading.

Tiles worn down from frequent traffic can become loose and dislodged, and then become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. You'll notice the floor grout absorbing dark stains and accumulating dirt as they age and become a hot-spot for bacteria.

One of the signs that there may be a bacterial overgrowth in your floor grout is that you may have noticed a strange or unpleasant smell. You could have encountered this in your home or workplace but could never figure out where it's coming from. If there is bacteria growing in your floor or wall tile grout, it will release a foul smell.

To get rid of the smell, you'll need to clean all the grout from the tiles. If you don't get it all, the bacteria will just keep coming back and keep causing problems. You may have already tried using different household cleaning agents to get rid of the stains and grout from your tiles but achieved disappointing results. Or you may have even thought about using stronger chemicals to clean the grout but were afraid of causing damage to your floors. 

Tile and grout cleaning really is a job best left to a professional. If you have different kind of tiles like ceramic, porcelain, slate or marble for example, in multiple areas of your home, one of our professional tile cleaners Sydney will adjust the strength of the cleaning agent to suit individual floor needs.

You can relax and trust that you're going to receive Sydney tile and grout cleaning that will be personalised to the type of tiles you have and the level of cleaning that's needed. Plus, without painstakingly attempting to clean them yourself, you can know the job will get done and your tiles and floors will look like they are brand new again!

What services can't be done when booking tile and grout cleaning Sydney?

As a cleaning service, booking tile cleaner Sydney means that we won't be able to perform any kind of renovative services for you and your property.

Services where you would need a tradesperson such as plumbing, painting, construction or others which are outside the normal tile cleaning repertoire we would not be able to do for you.

Keep in mind that we are Sydney based cleaning business, and so we are able to be hired for tile cleaning!

Things to consider when hiring tile cleaning Sydney services

There are a number of variables to consider when you are thinking of hiring services for Sydney tile and grout cleaning. These will generally affect the cost and you will want to factor these into your enquiry when you call.

Details such as:

  • how much area needs to be covered
  • if there are any broken or loose tiles that need to be fixed
  • does your tile and grout require extensive cleaning or just general cleaning
  • is the area easily accessible for tile cleaning or do you need to move objects around to open up space
  • what is your location in Sydney or are you hiring tile grout cleaning for a weekday job or weekend?

These are just some things to think about when you're looking to book tile cleaning services in Sydney.

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