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Aged Care Cleaning Sydney
Aged care cleaning service is essential when you have elders at home. Older people are more susceptible to several infections as their immunity power slows down. So, it’s very important for every aged care cleaning to maintain hygiene and clean environment. The Clean Australia Service offers exactly what you require to create a cleaner and sanitized aged care cleaning. Since we are the best cleaning service in Sydney, we know what to provide to the customer.

You would like to make sure that the elders, visitors and kids alike are safe. It is also our view and we work towards that goal. As a leading professional cleaning service provider, we always make sure that we meet the needs of the customer; not just our check list.

We all know that mold, dust, grime and damped surroundings can lead to unhygienic environment. Therefore we take pride in offering complete cleaning solutions. You as the customer know more about that requirements than us. Similarly, we as the best cleaning service provider in Sydney know how to meet your requirements.

Aged care cleaning: what to expect?

Now that all your packing is done, the last thing to worry about is cleaning the house. When you hire us, it’s our responsibility to make your apartment or home look better, brighter and organized. While a few people prefer just a ‘broom clean’ service, a lot of individuals want detailed cleaning service and we’re the detailed cleaners.

Let’s take a look at what we can do for your move out cleaning.

We scrub and mop hard floors in kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and living areas.

Our staff will deep clean and disinfect kitchen appliances, toilets, couches, carpet and rugs through the used of quality and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We will sanitize outdoor and indoor surfaces.

We remove rubbish and clean bin liners.

Where needed, we pressure wash outdoor areas

If applicable, we add more customized services

Why choose us?

You as customers always mean a lot to us. We often get customized cleaning requests. Therefore, we make sure that we understand the customer needs first. Over the years, our customers have given us great feedback. When it comes to aged care cleaning, we leave no detail unattended. Additionally, we work around the clock. Hence, our timing is manageable with the customer needs.

If you want to know what our customers have felt, then you can visit our reviews page. You can also have a look at our Google reviews and Facebook reviews. When you are ready to explore, simply send in a quotation request or call us on 1300 034 788.

We also provide residential cleaning, commercial cleaning and many other professional cleaning services.

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