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Post renovation cleaning service is a unique need of construction projects. What is the first thing that often comes in your mind right after you finish your building renovation project? Well, mostly, post renovation cleaning is the one. Usually, renovation companies do a cursory after their work is finished, which is definitely not enough. Thick layers of dust and grime covering the floors often make it difficult for cleaning. We here at Clean Australia Service are experts. Therefore we love to do your post renovation cleaning. What's more, you will love it too.

A Thorough Post Renovation Cleaning you desire

After we reach out to you for post renovation cleaning service, we assess the site carefully and offer you a reliable quotation. Once you agree, we use advanced cleaning techniques and equipment that can also remove airborne dust and debris.

Our post-renovation cleaning service includes:

Usually people feel it difficult to do these jobs. But with the latest equipment it is now easier than ever. Since we are the best cleaners in Sydney, we have the best equipment as well. We provide the below mentioned services and more to fulfill your needs.

We do general vacuuming, dusting and cleaning hardwood floors.

Often times we will need to do Mopping and cleaning tile walls, showers and floors

We offer deep carpet cleaning

Sometimes we employ hand wiped flat surface cleaning

We do Wiping down windows, mirrors, and glass with sills, ledges and cleaning blinds

Our staff will carry out Cleaning and wiping kitchen tops and cupboards

We always care for dusting ceiling fans, lampshades, heavy knick-knacks and intricate items

We also take it serious in cleaning vanity and sinks

You know you want us to concentrate on removing rubbish and cleaning bin liners as well

Reasons why you will love working with us:

When you hire Clean Australia Service, you can rest easy knowing that the industry experts are taking care of your property for its post- renovation cleaning. Our customers have always given us the best feedback. Therefore our qualified team and friendly cleaners will take care of each and every aspect of property cleaning. So, whether you revamped your living area or remodeled your kitchen, Clean Australia Service is here to help you.

You are welcome to call us anytime on 1300 034 788 . We are also available online for quotation request. While we say that we are the best, sometimes people are skeptical. But we don't feel offended. Because we know that people cannot afford to waste their time and money. So, here's the deal. Check our Google reviews and Facebook reviews on our reviews page. We are certain that you will contact us.

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