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regular cleaning

Regular Cleaning Service

A regular office cleaning service is essential to keep your office clean. We all know that a clean work space produces more productivity in the workplace, and also expresses your professionalism with a clean, dirt-free office.

That way, the office becomes a better place to work in and a pleasant experience for clients and customers interacting in it.

Our regular cleaning service is fully customisable to suit the requirements of your business. We will make sure to offer you a flexible, personalised service and take care of physically removing accumulated dirt and dust from even those hard to reach places.

This service takes care of the physical removal of dirt, so it is recommended to have these cleaning services done before a disinfection service.


Disinfection Services

A disinfection service is performed to sanitize and clean your office or home at a level that you can't see.

We are aware that germs and bacteria can be living on surfaces without us knowing because of their microscopic size. Therefore, we need to be able to perform high quality cleaning duties that will make sure to fully clean down to the micro-level.

If you are a Sydney business that operates in the food, health or beauty industry, you will want to be sure that you are keeping to the highest standard when it comes to being a germ-free facility.

Why Choose To Use A Disinfection Service?


With the emergence of Covid 19 and seeing how rapidly the virus has spread all around the world, you can see the effects of transmission and how hygiene and infection relate to each other.

Many businesses who are essential, or who wish to stay open have had to strictly adhere to an increased level of cleaning services.

There are a number of high traffic areas and contact points that people touch everyday that become major spreaders of viruses and germs.

Things like door handles, light switches, door frames and more are surfaces where people commonly touch and can become transmitters for disease, especially if the surface is stainless steel, plastic or other hard surfaces.

The virus is able to survive longer on these surfaces which makes them more conducive to virus transmission.

Choosing to use a disinfection service like the one we provide means that not only will your workplace or home look clean but will also be clean right down to the molecular level.

Kill viruses and bacteria that can remain on surfaces even after cleaning and reduce the risk of spreading infection.


How do we disinfect your property?

If you are looking for cleaning services in Sydney to not only clean dirt and surfaces, but also for sanitation and disinfection services, we can do that for you!

We employ the use of a fogging machine to perform the disinfection services in your workplace or home. To do this, we will need to turn off the fire alarm and set the fogging machine in place. The fog is released throughout the whole place, and our government recommended product will sanitize your space.

It will kill most of the germs, bacteria and viruses present in your space and takes only 2 hours to complete.

This is a "one-off" service, although you can use this service as many times as necessary depending on the level of traffic your home or office has.

We also offer an "on-going" sanitation service where our cleaners sanitize and wipe all heavy traffic areas and point of contact areas such as light switches, door handles, hand rails, and more.

These services can be once a day, once every couple of days or even once a fortnight depending on the level of traffic you have.


Corona Virus Cleaning Services Sydney

With Sydney being such a densely populated city, it is very important that businesses and homes are all acting in accordance with the recommended guidelines by the Department of Health.

For some food retailers, that incorporates the requirement of sanitation every 20 minutes for commonly touched surfaces and contact points. Businesses in Sydney should all be employing Covid 19 protocols to help minimise the spread of viruses, including hand sanitation stations, social distancing of 1.5 metres and a higher level of cleaning of the common hard surfaces.

To achieve deep cleaning in your Sydney workplace, it is highly recommended to use a high quality disinfecting service such as our fogging machine at Clean Australia Service.

We are your one call to clean it all when you need cleaning services in Sydney, and our cleaning services can be completely tailored to your needs or requirements for your Sydney office, retail shop or home.

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