Consider These Factors Before Hiring the Right Cleaning Service Agency

Before hiring a cleaning agency for your office, hospital, salon, etc., you need to ensure that your business requires a cleaning agency’s services. You’re not creating a revenue-wasting liability.

Therefore, you need to understand the distinction between a cleaning agency’s services and an individual cleaner’s services.

What are the differences between a cleaning agency and an individual cleaner?

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The most important thing to determine which cleaning service you choose is knowing the benefit of each cleaning service. So, here are some of the benefits of hiring an individual cleaner:

  • Understanding about cleaning materials
  • Affordable price
  • A work done well

On the other hand, a cleaning service agency provides the following advantages:

  • Cleaning staff with experience
  • Great offers
  • Various specific services based on what you need
  • Reasonable prices
  • Scheduling software
  • Deep understanding of specific service 

Now an agency provides more benefits than an individual cleaner that you hire full time or part-time from digital service marketplace platforms. An agency may also cost higher than a personal cleaner. 

Clean Australia Service is a leader in cleaning service in Sydney. Our services include house cleaning, regular office cleaning, one-off cleaning, bond cleaning, NDIS cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, spring cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning, and other commercial cleanings and residential cleanings. As mentioned before, the cleaning agency costs much higher than individual cleaners. However, the range of services is different because price usually brings quality, and cleaning service agencies generally guarantee cleanliness and professionalism. We guarantee that Clean Australia Service brings a reasonable price and ensures quality. 

Should I hire a cleaning agency or an individual cleaner?

Due to the price difference, deciding between a cleaning agency and an individual cleaner becomes a business decision. If you have a large company with many employees, a cleaning agency can be a good fit for you. You won’t be employing a cleaner’s trades job in Sydney and hiring an individual because larger companies usually require more office space. You’ll employ numerous people. Including a cleaning department supervisor who will monitor all cleaning duties during the day, keep an eye on the cleaning staff, and keep track of the inventory. Then there will be the individual cleaners, which will keep the office neat and clean.

The main benefit of hiring a complete cleaning department is that you can customise the services by ordering the cleaners to do any cleaning job around the business during their working hours. In contrast, an agency would create one cleaning plan that it would execute each day and then leave. This may be problematic for a setting that demands continual hygiene upkeep, such as fieldwork or hospitals.

To summarise, companies with many employees should hire a cleaning service agency. Because cleaning service agencies can make managing employees much easier for companies. As mentioned above, the Clean Australia Service provides better service for large companies, ensuring professionalism.

Now that that’s concluded, for those of you who fall in the category of agency requiring businesses, there are several things that you must consider before actually going ahead and hiring them. Before hiring a cleaning agency, you keep in mind these questions:

Is the cleaning agency credible enough?

First and foremost, you must assess their credibility by determining how many businesses they serve and how their reviews are. You should also make sure they’ve worked with a company that’s similar to yours. When it comes to cleanliness and maintenance, each environment has its own set of requirements. For instance, we could not equalise cleaning a company and hospital, because they have different standards of cleanliness. If your budget allows, you can hire a cleaning company that specialises in your business.

How does the cleaning agency operate?

You must understand how a cleaning agency works to ensure that your business activities are not disrupted or delayed during cleaning hours. You should inquire when the professionals will arrive and how long the procedure will take. The ideal choice is to have the office ready for the day an hour or at least half an hour before employees’ working hours begin.

Following that, you should ask how they manage daily cleaning, supervise the process, and hold it accountable. The agency should have an accountability mechanism in place so that you don’t end up with an unpleasant workplace if the workers don’t complete their jobs correctly.

How is the mechanism of their service?

Some agencies provide labour, equipment, and cleaning supplies. Some agencies will simply give the staff and not the equipment. So, before you wind up managing the cleaning operations yourself, you need to know the resources beforehand.

In addition, you need to ask will be allocated to a particular person or will they rotate through? This might be a problem if you have any specialised hygiene needs for your workplace. This includes sections requiring special attention or areas that do not require cleaning personnel entry. As a result, if the agency sends a rotating cycle of cleaners to your company, you’ll discover a staff resource briefing the cleaning crew regularly, slowing down workplace productivity.

Another factor that is affected is the level of trust. The cleaning staff will access the whole office, including any locations where essential documents may be kept. If the same employees come in every day, you can get to know them and provide them access to all sections of your business more efficiently.

Another factor to consider is if the agency has all its resources in-house. This is because an agency may list trades jobs online and subcontract individual cleaners, implying that they will not follow through on their promises of responsibility, consistency, or quality. But do not be worried because Clean Service Australia has our own professional cleaner expert in several different services.

Is the cost reasonable?

You must not just be satisfied with the quality of the services; you must also be satisfied with the costs. Examine whether a service provider can give the exact services you want while staying within your budget. Package sales are a popular notion in today’s marketplaces. Spend some time, effort, and energy to look for service providers who can supply you with the finest discounts. You’ll be able to acquire more for less money this way.

How can we help?

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December 21, 2021