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High pressure cleaning is needed when the stain is tough. Your place can accumulate stain over time. If you thought of getting rid of this unsightly stuff, don’t look any further. We, Clean Australia Service offer you one of the best high pressure cleaning services in Sydney. Since we have state of the art equipment, high pressure cleaning is one of our strong holds.

You may not get what you want with a regular wash. When you feel that a regular cleaning is not enough, you can get a high pressure cleaning service. You often end up in stains that we cannot remove. As the owners or residents you don't want to be in that situation. First of all, we all wonder how we got into such stains in the first place. But don't worry. We have always done the best to clean the hardest of stains out.

Because constant exposure to dirt accumulation may lead to structural damages, you should be careful. Therefore you can hire a professional service like ours.

Our pressure cleaning service includes:

Garden pathways & fences

Patios & decks

Concrete driveways


Car parks

Natural stone pavements

Pergolas & pagodas

Block walls

Roof cleaning

What you can expect from our High Pressure Cleaning Service?

As a leading business in the cleaning industry in Sydney, we aim to be the most trusted professionals. In dealing with cleaning jobs, especially pressure cleaning, we have found that many untrained cleaners unknowingly cause damage to the property such as etched stone, loose shingles, chipped paint, dented wooden surface and are a few to name. When you choose professional cleaners like Clean Australia Service, our trained professionals gently and effectively remove dust, dirt and stain without causing any structural damage.

Hard exterior surfaces including natural stone, concrete surface, terracotta, marble, granite and brick walls are cleaned with care and safety with our quality high-pressure washer. We also offer spring clean to restore the appearance of your building with window cleaning to offer you great value for your money.

So if you think you need a professional high pressure cleaning service, then let our experts take care of your property. To know more, please feel free to contact us at - 1300 034 788. You can also check our reviews on the Google reviews and Facebook reviews. Then you will be certain who you are hiring. And, if you want, you can submit your cleaning request online.

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