Top 5 Perks of Getting your End of Lease Cleaning Done

Most tenancy agreements state that an end of lease clean is essential to receive a bond refund. Doing so can be difficult, time-consuming, and stressful. Hiring a professional bond cleaner ensures that the bond clean will be completed to the highest possible standard and that your bond will come back to you in full, ready to fund your next move or put towards your next adventure.

Your landlord will generally expect that the property is left in a similar or the same condition as it was when you moved in, except for general wear and tear. Getting your property back to this state can be a more difficult task than imagined and you may find yourself needing tools, products, and cleaning methods that you’re ill-equipped with. This is where a professional bond cleaner comes in. With the best products, most efficient methods, and tried and true processes, your bond cleaner can get your property up to scratch in no time.

The top five perks when hiring an end of lease cleaner include:

  1. Save time and money.

Doing your own bond clean means there is no guarantee that you will receive your bond back, and you may lose thousands of dollars from doing a job that isn’t up to scratch. While you’re settling into your new home, your bond cleaner will prepare your old property for inspection, and your bond refund will be in your bank before you know it. Hiring a bond cleaner helps with avoiding lengthy delays in the handover process, ensuring that you don’t have to keep going back to clean, and will save you money by avoiding loss.

  1. Experience, skill, and professional equipment.

Hiring a bond cleaner will mean you won’t have to buy bulky, expensive, or heavy equipment just for one bond clean. Our bond cleaners are fully equipped with the best products and equipment to get the job done so that you don’t have to worry about buying a thing. The combined skill of our cleaners means your property and your bond money are in the best possible hands, and our cleaners work efficiently to get the job done within your timeframe.

  1. Insight into the real estate agents’ requirements.

Most local bond cleaners know the local real estate agents and what they expect from each bond clean. This puts the bond cleaner at an advantage, as some real estate agents are more focused on some aspects than others, and your bond cleaner will know which areas to concentrate on to meet the bond refund requirements.

  1. Improve your rental record.

The rental industry in Sydney and its surroundings is a competitive market, and your rental history will be highly regarded and scrutinised when applying for a property. Your application must have no negative points or marks against it, and by hiring a professional bond cleaner – you can rest assured that you’ll be leaving a positive and lasting impression on your real estate agent. According to the Rental Tenancy Association, your rental history can remain on the database of real estate agents for up to three years and if the bond clean isn’t up to standard or if your bond refund is denied, this will go on your real estate record. If property managers know that you take care of the property well, you’re more likely to gain tenancy in the future.

  1. Safety and security

Often during a bond clean, you will need to tackle hard cleaning issues such as soap scum and limescale. Some cleaning products have strict requirements and aren’t safe if used incorrectly. Spare your health, skin, and eyes by leaving them to the professionals. Your professional bond cleaner will know what to use and where, and if it’s safe for domestic application or not.

Our bond cleaners cover all bases, including deep cleaning carpets, cleaning the insides of cupboards, cleaning grout and tiles, mopping floors, cleaning fan blades, removing soap scum and limescale, pressure cleaning, and more. We offer tips on our blog to prepare for your bond clean to make the process quicker and easier for both yourself and your cleaner.

Our team is here for you to take the stress out of moving. Our bond cleans are efficient and affordable and are the best way to ensure you’ll receive a complete refund of your bond, plus gain a positive reputation in the rental market. Our bond back guarantee means you won’t be delayed in receiving your bond return, and we will go back to the property if your landlord has any issues. We work with real estate agents to bring the best for your property and make sure it is cleaned up to standard.

Moving out cleaning has never been easier than with Clean Australia Service. To gain your free quote or to enquire about how we can help you with your next bond clean, visit our website through this link, or call us on 1300 034 788.

April 23, 2021
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