About Clean Australia Service

Best cleaning service provider in Sydney. Yes, that's a big claim. Interestingly, it is not just promotional wording. Since our customers do it for us, we don't need to promote ourselves. If you want to validate the claim, then please have a look at what our customers have to say!

As we started operating some 10 years ago, we decided to become this well known cleaning company in Sydney. Although it was tough to get to this position, we got through because of our attention to detail, hard work and our decent customers.

What made us the best cleaning service provider in Sydney?

Certainly there has to be some secret; ya? Actually no. We just had to listen to our customers before we started any jobs. The next step was to discuss all the details before taking over the job. Hence we could provide a customized and detailed quotation. When our customers receive a quotation after a thorough inspection and clear discussion, they were happy. And we kept our words; we did what said we would do. It sounds easy, but it is not.

The years really do matter!

Although we did our best from the beginning, the name or fame did not come on day one. That is because we had to carry on with the hard work and with the dedication for over a decade before we got here. At this point of time, the most valuable asset we have is the trust of our customers. The existing customer base is great. Due to our customers liking our job, new customers often become regular customers. If you go through some of our customer testimonials, you will notice that they are with us for many years.

We are also fully insured. This means that we can cover all the liabilities during and as a result of our job with you. Do you think that you already have a good company to do the job? Well, we respect your opinion. But if you wonder to know how it would be to have real the best cleaning service provider in Sydney on the job, then give us a call on 1300 034 788 or submit a request.