Which Cleaning Service is Better, Owner Operated or Contracted?

Cleaning companies are service providers. Almost all cleaning service businesses start with their owners. Hence, most cleaning service owners have been cleaners sometime back. Why is it important that the owner of such a business to be a skilled worker?

The owner needs to know what their employees have to do!

When the owner of a service providing company does not have first hand experience of that service, it is difficult to ask the employees to provide first class services to clients. The reason why a few service providers fail is that the leader of the company is not from the field. That is because the leader cannot lead the employees practically or train them on the job.

What does it mean to me?

You are hiring people to do the cleaning for you. While you get satisfaction, you are not worried; that is easy to understand. But, have you ever felt not so satisfied? If so, then can you remember how it all started? Think of the cleaning service provider you selected. Do you know the head of the company? Do you know if the owner of the company had anything to do in the process? You can’t expect a business owner to come and personally check your place. But, if the owner does not know anything about cleaning, the company probably can not satisfy you.

Do I need to go check the business owner’s past life?

No, we don’t mean it. You can just have a look at the company’s profile and see how it turned out to be. Furthermore, there are other ways to see how much of human intervention is there. Do you agree that a cleaning service is best when it is tailor-made and not automated? When your information is given and all decisions are made automatically, the human touch is missing. For the time being, most part of the actual cleaning procedures need humans to operate.

Just by knowing how many rooms you have at home, a cleaning company cannot decide exactly what kind of work is ahead. It’s cleaning. So someone has to have a look at the place. You can also have your inputs with humans when they are there. Automated systems don’t fit to all the needs when coming to the cleaning of your place. That’s why you have to do a little research on the providers.

Okay how to know how a cleaning service provider operates?

Well, the best way is to find out from someone who has already used the service; isn’t it? But you cannot go around asking the people whether they have used a particular service. This time, you can use the technology. See the testimonials on a service provider. See if they are genuine. Check how the people have reacted. The reviews are one better way to find out what people think. You don’t need to go through a bad experience to get a good knowledge. you can use the experience of other people to learn about many things. It is applicable for cleaning service providers as well.

Have a look at the testimonials and see if people have used the names of staff or the company to say anything. Because if they have used the names, it is evident that the people felt more connected to the service provider or staff. This usually happens to you, right? When you feel more connected, you try to use the names rather than saying “they” or “he”. If the testimonials say “Robert was good” rather than “he was good” or they say “Clean Australia Service” was good rather than “they” were good, then you know the level of connection.

You are the decision-maker

You are the decision-maker in selecting the cleaning service. So get the people to get involved, ask them to come to have a look at your place. After you talk to them you can know how much they understood. Based on that you can decide whether they will do the job to your level of expectation or not. Does it sound fair? It does. You can try this and see for yourself.

We, at Clean Australia Service, provide you with a customized offer. When customers contact us through online forms, emails, or phone, we visit the customers. We provide quotations after inspecting the place thoroughly. We have a face to face conversation with the property occupant if preferred. After all, you have to like what we do. Because that’s what we do; satisfying the customers to the best!

December 5, 2019