Cleaning Your Home This Summer: The Benefits of a Healthy and Clean Home

The summer months put substantial amounts of pollen into the air, so it becomes extremely important to enlist house cleaning or hire a house cleaning service on a regular basis. 

Summer House Cleaning: Why It’s Important

First and foremost, the summer months tend to produce the dirtiest homes. Consider this: people are waking up later, the days are longer, and the kids are at home all day. It makes sense that the house would become dirtier at this time. If you’re not cleaning your home on a regular basis, dirt and grime will build up much more quickly than they otherwise would. As a result, you must make sure to regularly clean your home in order to keep everything in good shape.

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However, It’s not just you and your kids who make your house dirty during the summer months. Additionally, the outdoors in general tend to bring in more debris into a home. Why? Because, during the summer months, a home is more likely to have its windows open. As a result, there is more dust, pollen, bad scents, and other things. Over time, these enter through the open windows, making your house dirtier

Another thing to keep in mind during the summer is that the air conditioner runs almost constantly during this time. And it does more than just introduce cold air into your house. Pet dander, dust, and other types of debris are also being pumped into your house.

Obviously, you should now consider cleaning up your air conditioning system. You must also remember to regularly clean your house in addition to that. As a result, the air will be less dirty and more breathable.

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By just cleaning your home frequently, you can minimize the issue. You should be able to keep your living space somewhat comfortable if you clean it once a week.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of easy summer cleaning suggestions so you don’t have to worry about maintaining your property. These practical summer home maintenance tips keep your home working, your air conditioning pumping, and you relaxing on vacation without worrying about coming back to a mess.

Clean The Air Conditioner Filter

This is most likely the most significant point on the list. A clogged-up air conditioner won’t work as effectively or, worse yet, it could break and leave you quite uncomfortable in the summer heat. Simply use a vacuum cleaner or warm, soapy water to clean the filter.

Clean and Reverse The Fan

Dusty fans only enhance summer allergies and hay fever symptoms. Fans will continue to circulate dust and pollen if they aren’t cleaned properly. Make sure to reverse the blades’ direction counterclockwise when you clean the fan. Your ceiling fan blades should be adjusted to rotate counterclockwise during the summer. Your ceiling fan will push air down and produce a nice breeze when it rotates swiftly in this direction. This lessens the need for an air conditioner to run continuously and helps maintain a room’s temperature throughout the day.

Clean Up The Windows and Suds the Screen

Take advantage of the good weather and spend a morning cleaning your windows. It would be much better to do this now rather than throughout the winter. If you haven’t cleaned your windows in a while, use soapy water and a sponge rather than just a window cleaner. You may need to really scrub to get the dirt out.

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Don’t forget to suds up the screen as well. This is especially an important step in the summer when you may have more windows open and the humidity may promote the formation of mould. Spend some time cleaning the window screens so you can breathe easily and take in the fresh air.

Clean Your Fridge

In hotter climates, bacteria grow faster — even in the fridge. In hotter climates, bacteria grow faster — even in the refrigerator. Spend some time cleaning out your refrigerator, wiping out the surfaces with a mild antibacterial soap, and tossing anything that is mouldy or expired. Consider purchasing a food-grade cleaner to wash your produce and prevent any harmful bacteria, like salmonella, that may be lurking during the season of fruits and vegetables.

Clean The Patio and Enjoy The Evenings

Grilling and relaxing with loved ones are ideal on patios. But if you want to make the patio a truly delightful environment, think about eliminating moss and lichen with a fast spritz a bleach/water mixture or soda crystals. The lichen will be killed and dried out using both natural techniques, leaving you with the simple task of raking the patio clean and taking advantage of your practically brand-new outdoor space.

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Clear The Freezer

This cleaning task is not only useful but also will keep you cool in the process! Save this for a very hot day. Place every ice cube in the tidy sink. While you clear out the freezer, take all of the frozen food and place it in the sink, covered with ice. Remove the built-up frost with your car ice scraper and a little hot water. Clean up any spills of slow-moving liquid. Pay attention to frozen foods now. Anything that has visible freezer burn symptoms, such as greyish-brown patches and heavy frost layers, should be thrown out. Getting rid of everything that is open is probably better.

Drain and Waste Disposal Cleaning

In the hot summer months, food rots more quickly, and smells tend to fester more easily. To ensure that no food is caught and generates bad odours in the humid summer air, it is crucial to clear up your drain and garbage disposal. Pour baking soda and vinegar into your drain, let it bubble for five minutes, then flush with boiling water to naturally clean your drain without getting your hands in the garbage disposal (!). To truly combat odours, repeat this as often as every two weeks.

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Sweep and Clean Your Counters

Unfortunately, ants and other creepy crawlies are in full force right now. The warm, humid weather is the perfect environment for all sorts of bugs that you definitely don’t want to be inviting into your home. By sweeping the floors each night and clearing the countertops of crumbs, you can prevent the creepies from accessing their food supply. These small habits pay off big time by warding off the bugs that can be attracted by your messy leftovers.

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Call The Professional Cleaners

These summer maintenance suggestions will motivate you to take good care of your house this season and will help you have a more enjoyable summer overall. However, we totally get it if you’d like to spend your vacation relaxing instead of cleaning. Don’t have the time? You can hire a house cleaning service to do the job for you.

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Contact Clean Australia Service for your regular house cleaning. We understand that you are busy and sometimes don’t have the time to clean your place. Yet, no one wants to live in an untidy house. This is where Clean Australia Service comes into play. We offer weekly and fortnightly house cleaning services based on your specific needs. 

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December 21, 2022