Getting Your Bond Money Back in The Rental Market

Getting your bond money back is important at the end of a rental contract. Often times the tenancy agreement mandates that you leave the property intact when the term is over. That means you have to leave the property as it was when you received it. When the landlord or the real estate company inspects the property at the end of the lease, they want to find it in a good condition.

What affects the bond money back?

Well, out of many things the cleanliness of the property is one important thing. The tenant is responsible for leaving the place clean. Sometimes a simple stain or dirty corner can upset the owners. Also, any small damages, scratches, and marks on the floor, wall, or carpet can bring worry. This is why you have to pay attention to detail in cleaning up the property.

You have much to worry about; leave the cleaning to us

If you are leaving the property, you already have a hundred and one things to be worried about. You have to leave the cleaning to professionals who know what to do with it. Actually, we are experts in end of lease cleaning. It is not just our words. Because our customers talk to us. If you want to validate, please check some of the reviews our customers have provided us after receiving our service.

In case of such a cleaning need, all you have to do is to call us on 1300 034 788 or submit a request. While we attend your place for inspection, we also discuss with you the finest details you want us to know. Then we do the actual cleaning part. As a few jobs are easy and others are tough, we will inspect the place and let you know how much it would cost you. In all these years, we have been very careful about pricing.

Nevertheless, you will be happy with our pricing. After both parties agree, we will start the work. Sometimes there are time restrictions from our customers. But please don’t worry, we will adjust our timings to suit you. As a result, all that you will get is a satisfactory end of lease cleaning from the professionals.

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