What Does End of Lease Cleaning Involve?

An end of lease clean is the process of returning the property back to its original condition. We do it before the end of your tenancy to ensure you get your bond back (Read more here).  This usually involves a very comprehensive, deep clean of the house. This is why real estate agents get in for their extremely high standards.

What exactly you need to do in an end of lease clean depends on the way you approach it.  There are two options for end of lease cleaning. One is doing the clean yourself. The other is getting professional cleaners in to take care of it for you.


We need to look into a lot of things with DIY end of lease cleaning.  In fact, this route involves the most amount of time and work from you as the tenant.  It is by no means impossible to do an end of lease clean by yourself.  But people also know it to be a long, painstaking, and stressful process.  Adding that on top of the pre-existing stress of packing and moving already, it is easy to see why people often prefer to get an end of lease cleaner like us in to take care of it for them.

If you do opt to DIY, the process of what’s involved often looks like this:

  • Up to one month before:

  • One week before:

    • Prepare your products and equipment for cleaning. Don’t pack things away for moving like your broom, vacuum or oven cleaner that you are going to need to do the clean.
    • Start early. We don’t recommend getting too far into cleaning the inside of the house until you’ve moved your belongings out and don’t plan on using the areas you clean anymore. But the things like your gardens, windows or packed up empty rooms can be pre-cleaned to make the main cleaning days a little easier.
  • One day before:

    • Get the house ready to clean. Ideally, everything can move out, giving you a blank canvas that won’t get dirtied all over again with people being on the property.
    • Double check you have all your lists, cleaning products and equipment ready to go.
  • Cleaning day:

    • Be there and do your cleaning! It is important to note that this may take more than a day if you are doing this by yourself. So make sure you plan enough time to do the cleaning to the high standards of the real estate, with minimum time pressure on yourself as you can.
  • The day after cleaning day:

    • Make sure to do any professional carpet cleaning or pest control AFTER you’ve finished your bond clean.
    • Once you check everything you need to do, return your keys to your real estate agent so they can complete their exit report.
  • After the real estate inspection

    • If anything is missing or is not clean to the standards of the real estate agent, you have to return to the property to correct their concerns. Sometimes they will charge a cleaning fee from your bond and you will not receive the full amount back.


Professional cleaning services like ours are the best way to ensure you get your bond back, and to make your move as easy as possible.  This route involves the least amount of time and effort from you as the tenant.  We take care of the entire cleaning process so you can move out and not look back.

If you get us to do your end of lease clean, the process of what’s involved looks like:

  • Two weeks to one month before

    • This is the ideal time to get a free quote and book your end of lease clean to make sure your lock in the dates. We always aim to be flexible for last minute arrangements, but it’s best to get in early to save you additional stress and coordination.
    • You might need professional carpet cleaning or pest control services as a part of your lease agreement. For this we ask that you organize these to happen AFTER we do the cleaning. Otherwise, we end up cleaning away everything that makes the pest control effectively in the first place. But the carpets won’t stay clean while you clean everything above and around them.  If you’re looking for professional carpet cleaning – we can take care of this for you to make it even easier!
  • One week before

    • Make sure you plan to leave your power and water is ready after moving day so that we can execute the cleaning.
    • Move out. This is the one thing we can’t do for you! You can do this any time before the cleaning day. But ideally, we would like you to totally move out so we can get to work.
  • The day of cleaning

    • Meet us at the property or arrange for us to pick up the keys from the real estate agent so we can get in and do the clean.
    • Then go have a coffee and enjoy settling into your new home while we roll up our sleeves and get cleaning.
  • After the real estate inspection:

    • On the rare occasion that anything has been missed or isn’t cleaned to the standard of the real-estate agent – we return to the property ourselves and rectify it for you as a part of our bond back guarantee.

Save yourself precious time and energy by having us do your end of lease cleaning for you.  Let us help make your move as hassle free as possible, taking care of all your cleaning needs.

Contact us today to get your free quote and find out more.

March 22, 2021
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