End of Lease Cleaning: Back to Basics

The final bond clean marks the end of your tenancy agreement and is the final stage before you hand back the keys. At the beginning of your tenancy, your landlord or real estate agent will take a bond payment, generally amounting to 4 weeks’ worth of rent, to secure the property from any damage or issues that occur during your tenancy.

A failed end of lease inspection can have a detrimental impact on your future as a renter, leaving a mark on your record, as well as the unfortunate financial impact through the partial or complete loss of your bond payment. There are steps you can take to ensure your bond is returned in full, such as repairing any damage and hiring expert cleaners to give your property a complete deep clean.

There are many financial and peace of mind benefits to hiring a professional to complete your clean, and with Clean Australia, you are guaranteed a perfect clean from our team of experts who know what it takes to get your full bond back every time.

What is the end of tenancy cleaning?

An end of lease or bond clean is a huge undertaking. You can complete the process yourself, but it is easy for certain aspects to escape your attention. Moving to a new house is one of the most stressful times of your life, and it is always best to call on a professional to make your life easier so you can focus on the rest of your move.

There are some important elements of a bond clean that you may not usually include in your cleaning routine, and certain tools or pieces of equipment are needed to get the job done correctly. Every aspect of your property will be examined under the highest scrutiny from your landlord or property manager, from the walls to the oven and the fan blades, and you may not anticipate the intricacies that require your attention.

A bond clean includes the usual deep cleaning elements such as cleaning floors, toilets, benches, and walls, but there are several things you need to do to ensure the areas your property manager may inspect are up to standard:

  • Clean the inside of every cupboard and drawer,
  • Polish the taps and sinks,
  • Clean the windowsills and tracks,
  • Remove all mould from walls and ceilings,
  • Wash and clean air conditioners,
  • Clean skirting boards and trestles,
  • Pressure clean the outside of the property,
  • Dust fans,
  • Wash out bins,
  • Paint chipped walls,
  • Remove limescale or soap scum build up,
  • Remove oil stains from the driveway,
  • Get carpets pest control-treated and steam cleaned.

It is our job to know the ins and outs of a bond clean and what the property manager will expect. According to Fair Trading NSW, the condition of the property upon your exit must meet certain criteria:

  • Your property must be as similar as possible to the state it was when you moved in or as is set out in the entry condition report,
  • You are responsible for neglect or any actions that cause intentional damage to the property,
  • Parts of the home that are damaged from the elements or from daily use fall under ‘fair wear and tear’, which is acceptable but must be reasonable, and can include:
    • Faded curtains,
    • Indentations from the furniture on carpet,
    • Scuffed floors,
    • Faded or chipped paint,
    • Benchtops marked from age,
    • Loose hinges or handles,
    • Water stains from inadequate plumbing,
    • Wall worn near the light switch.

You are expected to live in and enjoy your home, and there is a grace area for the fair wear and tear that comes with living a busy life. Your property manager just needs to ensure that all efforts are taken to maintain the home to a clean and well cared for the state, and some have different expectations around what is considered ‘fair wear and tear’. According to Fair Trading NSW, fair wear and tear is “the deterioration that occurs over time with the use of the property, despite reasonable care and maintenance”. It can be hard to know what to expect from your property manager, which is where we come in with our local knowledge and understanding. We can work with you to determine what is acceptable and what needs repairing or cleaning.

A bond clean, end of lease clean or exit clean is an essential, unavoidable part of being in the rental market. It involves a complete, comprehensive clean of your property at the end of your lease. The property must be completely restored for the next occupant. Your 4-week bond is held until such a time as your clean is completed, and your property manager may claim your bond, keeping a portion or all of it to cover any damages or impact your tenancy has had on the property.

The entry condition report…

At the beginning of your lease, your bond will be lodged to Fair Trading NSW by your real estate and will remain in a trust until the end of your lease. Once your real estate has determined your property is clean, maintained and all repairs are made – your bond will be released back into your account. Through any real estate, the bond process is non-negotiable and must be followed for you to secure the property.

An important and possible time-saving element of the bond process is the entry condition report. This is the stage where you can report each mark, scratch, or imperfection in the property, setting the benchmark for what the real estate should expect upon your exit. The entry condition report will inform how the property was in terms of cleanliness and maintenance when you received it, and you will generally not be expected to bring it back to a level other than this during your exit. It is integral to fill the report in carefully and completely, addressing any damage or concerns with the property, so it does not impact your bond return in future.

Preparing for your end of lease clean

If you want to prepare for your end of lease clean like a professional, you will need to consider:

  • A professional team of cleaners knows exactly what areas to focus on and how to do an excellent job quickly. What may take you days to complete, our team can get the job done in a matter of hours. If you are under a time crunch or if the end of lease tasks are piling up – a professional cleaner will take the pressure off.
  • Tools. Sometimes you may not have the tools you need to complete the clean. Not everyone has a 6ft high reaching broom, a steam cleaner, or a carpet cleaning vacuum. Before spending thousands of dollars on new equipment and products or trying to use what you have and doing a subpar job, call a professional for advice or a free quote.
  • Talent. Not everyone is a master cleaner with the ability to whip a 4-bedroom house into sparkling clean shape. Cleaning is our thing, and our experts live and breathe perfect bond cleans. We know what it takes to impress your landlord or real estate agent and which areas to target.

Cleanliness to the utmost standard is non-negotiable when it comes to the end of your lease, and each real estate has specific requirements along with government guidelines to follow when determining your bond clean requirements. We have worked with real estate’s Sydney wide for decades with honesty, integrity and an attention to detail that cannot be matched. Along with our long-standing relationship with your real estate, we know Sydney homes inside and out and can provide a unique, local point of view to get the specifics of your property sparkling. Your property manager and the homeowner will love the way we leave your property, and your rental records will succeed as a result.

Getting your bond back is essential, we have the tools and talent to save you time and money, and we 100% guarantee your bond return with our supreme bond cleaning services. You will love how streamlined and simple your move out process will be when working with Clean Australia.

For a free quote or to book your bond clean online, click here.

We can get to work to make your property sparkle, and you will have your bond back in no time. 

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