Cleaning Tasks Are Crucial in The Rains of Sydney

Cleaning tasks are becoming crucial in the rain in February 2020. Authorities consider it one of the highest rainfalls in over a year in Sydney. The wildfires needed the rain to bring them down. The active fires went down in the second week of February 202 in great numbers. On the other hand, New South Wales is alert on flash floods as well. As of the time of this article, there are still active fires that authorities are working on to bring down.

The fires killed a lot of animals and removed a lot of green cover in the past months. Fires were cleaning up a large part of the plant population. Now the rain brings relief but at the cost of a risk of flood. It is too early now to decide whether there will be actual damages due to the expected flooding. But it seems like preparation for such an event would be advisable. The weather forecast seems like there will be promising rains up to the third week of February 2020.

We didn’t prepare for the wildfires before they started. Cleaning up the damages from fires took time and is still going on. Now, there is a time when we can prepare for the floods if there would be any. Sydney has seen rains before and Australia has faced fires before. This time, the fires proved to have prolonged for months. The rains are also a surprise. It isn’t wrong to prepare to face a worst-case scenario.

Cleaning needs and the rains

How this affects cleanliness is a different perspective. The water stagnation outside the drainage systems could cause the breeding of mosquitoes and might bring diseases. In the light of the given nCov2019, the coronavirus that put China in trouble, with Australia having 15 confirmed cases (5 recovered already as of 9 February 2020) according to, it is good to be aware of the situation ahead. Rains can also help moulds to grow in your bathrooms and other wet areas with high moisture in the air. Some buildings might have leaks and drips which are not seen in a one-off rain. With the continuous rains for hours, the small leaks might produce water ingress and gradually crawl under carpets.

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February 9, 2020
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