Common Tile And Grout Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

While tiles might be simple to maintain, regular cleaning is necessary to keep them looking as fresh as the day they were first put in. To thoroughly clean your tiles and get rid of any lingering dirt, stains, or bacteria, you must routinely schedule a professional tile and grout cleaning service. This will not only improve the appearance of your tiles but also provide a healthy environment for you and your family.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile floors, grout, and other comparable surfaces offer a high level of durability and are comparatively simple to clean and maintain. Some people resort to harsher cleaning methods when sweeping and mopping aren’t sufficient; regrettably, this can cause discolouration and give the surfaces a generally unattractive aspect.

When utilised repeatedly over time, these improper cleaning techniques and the use of abrasive cleaning agents can eventually damage the tile and grout. Make sure you avoid making these typical tile and grout cleaning mistakes.

Wet Mopping With Dirty Mop Water

Wet mopping as opposed to damp mopping is the first and most typical mistake. Unglazed tiles and grout have porous surfaces that allow dirty mop water to seep through. The cleaning technique we advise is damp mops with frequent water changes.

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Spills not being Cleaned up Right away

You might think it’s acceptable to let a spill sit on a tile floor for a short while, but this is a tremendous mistake. No surface is completely stain-free, even though your floor is stain-resistant. When greasy foods and beverages are spilled on tiled surfaces, the grout and tiles quickly absorb the liquid, leaving behind ugly stains that can be challenging to clean. A stain-resistant surface will buy you a few extra minutes while you clean up a disaster, but that’s all. Simply put, clean up spills as quickly as you can. Don’t delay doing it.

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Leaving Dirt On Tiled Floors

If dirt isn’t cleaned up right away, it can act as an abrasive and harm the grout and tiles. For the purpose of avoiding dirt from scratching and harming your tiles, tiled flooring must be swept or vacuumed. Usually, all that is required is a short daily sweep and a light mopping once each week. If you decide to vacuum, be sure to turn off the beater bar since it could scratch or dull the finish on your tiles.

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The Use Of Coloured Cleaners

Avoids using coloured cleansers. Unglazed tile can get stained because the surface is porous and can take on the colour of the cleaning chemical.

The Use Of Harsh Chemicals

For a number of reasons, you shouldn’t regularly clean and maintain the surfaces and floors covered in tile and grout with harsh chemicals like muriatic acid, bleach, and others. First, harsh chemicals can be dangerous. Any improper usage or handling of these substances might lead to serious burns or breathing issues. Second, spills or splatters can harm nearby furniture, appliances, or other items if they land on them. In some cases, even when no splashing occurs, the vaporous fumes can cause damage. Thirdly, powerful cleaning solutions can hasten the breakdown of grout, particularly if the grout is alkaline and the chemical is acidic.

Avoid using any cleaning products that contain bleach or ammonia; instead, go for a softer option or adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If not utilised appropriately, they might shorten the lifespan of your tiles and deteriorate the grout. Additionally, you should stay away from oil-based cleaners, especially if your tiles are glazed. Otherwise, hire an expert to complete this task.

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The Use Of Oil and Wax-based Cleaners

For a short-term fix, waxes and wax-based cleaning products might provide some protection against stains, odours, and wear, but they come with too many issues and may even raise maintenance costs. They must be continuously stripped and reapplied. Wax build-up happens if the stripping procedure isn’t done thoroughly, and it turns into an unattractive mess by turning yellow, getting damaged, and acting as a magnet for dirt. Oil-based cleaners increase the danger of slip and fall incidents, especially when used on glazed tile. Sealers can be tricky, and you risk having slippery tile, stains, or peeling and flaking grout lines if you don’t have the expertise of a professional tile and grout cleaner to choose the right sealer and apply it correctly.

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Caring for your tiles and making sure that you extend the life of your investment require personal upkeep in between expert cleans. Do you properly clean your tiled surfaces? When cleaning is not done properly, grout can develop ugly stains and tiles can get scraped and damaged. The grout between tiles will get black and unclean if not cleaned professionally on a regular basis. This is not only unsightly, but it can also host bacteria that emit disagreeable scents or make you sick. Therefore, hiring professional grout cleaning services is essential.

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For any problems, you may have with your tile floors and surfaces or if you think you don’t want to risk your tile and grout with DIY cleaning and want to go with Professional Tile and Grout cleaning service in Sydney, we at Clean Australia Service are just a phone call away or contact us at

October 28, 2022